We plan Learning.

Sky Walker is an innovative PMI founded to give value to “passive” and “active” way of learning as well as making people aware of what they need to do in order to embark on a path of growth, either by “group” or “personal” goals.

Our new view of education goes beyond self-learning.

Thus, self-training concerns the sum of experience, methods, techniques and tools able to deal with unexpected situations and training problems.

We no longer speak of a basic education (still necessary but based on traditional notions or experiences) but more of a purpose-oriented education (learning design, digital learning, strategic counseling, ergonomic organizational models, etc.) which is more effective due to a mix of methodologies (deduction/induction/designthinking) where the learner is aware and motivated to learn.

Training Area


Sky Walker has a continuously growing catalog of basic training curricula for personal, professional and skills building.


Experiments Area


Our research and experimentation with unconventional training and self-training is constant and ongoing: the de-structured approach and the mix of methods and frameworks used reveal growth in knowledge, skills and expertise highly valued by the market

The use of new technologies to create interactive alternative learning scenarios, and the creation of triggers to go faster from theory to practice, characterize our innovative tasks according to the need and timing dictated by business and markets

Methods, perseverance and discipline, along with technology, guarantee clever counseling based on both intellectual honesty and viable possibilities for real projects.

Tech Area


It is “expertise and insight” that make the difference in the management of training tasks. That is why keeping track of training and self-training through automatic tools is essential: the less time-consuming and the more precise the procedure turns out to be, the more leaves room for improvement.

To keep ahead of the ongoing demand, for defining the new skills needed by upcoming jobs, it is crucial to have a proper and constantly updated database.


Coherent research, based on market demands, scouting for new scenarios, so futuristic to unfold visions and face new challenges.

EDUTECNA: Full Digital

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